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Article Response

By on 02/28/2011

This article is about how to become a fashion photographer. The basic information needed to start photographing that style. The article emphasizes that selling is key and the photographer always needs to keep up with the latest fashion trends in order to impress the fashion editor. In order to create a portfolio which is strongly encouraged, the photographer should hire a model and once the portfolio is built expose it to editors. The basics of fashion photography require unique clothing, exotic settings, and dramatic lighting. Once progress is being made it is best to submit the portfolio to a fashion agency and see where it goes from there!

I think this is a good article on getting started in the world of fashion photography. It’s pretty basic with little detail, but overall is a good summary. I would have liked to read a little more on actually selling the items in the image and the best ways to do so. Such as, if there are multiple lavish items in the picture, how to make the selling item stand out.

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