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Textures Tutorial

By on 02/10/2011

This tutorial is for using textures as an overlay on photos.

Steps to take:

1. Open a picture you would like to use.

2. Find a free high resolution texture on google and copy and paste it into a new canvas.

3. Copy the whole texture and paste it on top of the picture you’re going to use.

4. Use free transform to completely cover the original picture with the texture.

5.Lower the opacity of the texture level, and play around with the layer blending options to see what looks best.

6. As another option,put a layer mask on the textures level and remove texture from certain areas. (works well when there is people in the photo.)

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  1. Rachel

    This is so interesting! I was actually wondering the other day how to add texture to my photographs and this really helped. Also the texture you chose makes the photo look really intriguing.