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By on 02/10/2011

To make a picture look like a summer day you first must duplicate the background then Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen once then fade it too 50 % (Edit> Fade)

Next using the blur tool blur the edges of the picture or the hair on a subject in a portrait

Repeat step one but fade it too 15-30 %

After that you must use the gradient tool using any two colors preferably warm colors then select the option screen above the layers and put it on opacity of 95 %

At the end adjust the contrast and brightness as you desire and apply a photo filter (Layer> New adjustment Layer> Photo Filter and select yellow)

the end.

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  1. Kayla

    I love these pictures, i especially love the summer look to the picture. It looks great! I also love the sun in the background, it really makes you look at the foreground of the picture. Great job!