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By on 06/13/2011

•Check the EXAM catagory when you submit this post
•Include a slideshow of your best 8 pieces from this semester
•On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard do you think you worked on your photography this semester (1=nothing, 10=hardest ever) _______________
• Why do you think you worked at that level?
•How have you changed as a photographer from the beginning of Photo 1 until now?
•How have you changed as a photographer from the beginning of this semester until now?
•What are you most proud of achieving in your work this semester?
•What did you not achieve and why were you unable to achieve it?
•What are your future plans for your artwork/photographs?
•After graduation, how will you GROW and get better in your photographic work?

This semester i think that i have done some of my best work but i could get lazy when taking pictures so i would say my level is an 8 due to the fact that im kinda lazy.  From photo i took such cliche photos like the more models with cool portraits but i have learned i love taking pictures set up with props not just relying on the beauty of a person but use the background middle ground and foreground also. From the beggining of the semester till now is the same thing ive grown the most so its the same since photo one since i started with photo two this year.  I think winning the spirit of photog was a real nice achievment for me this year cause you know IM THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE WORLD DUHHHHHH ;). I didnt try to improve on my portraits becasue its hard to work on people plus junior was the busiest years ive had so far so im hoping next year i will have more time to put more effective effort in. Next year i want to get critiques from you even if im not enrolled in a class at the time i just want to keep my effort up so i dont look my creative process. After graduation im hoping to take some art classes in school and minor in photography and if that doesnt work i may take classes out side of school or something to better my photogrpahy skills.

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