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By on 04/15/2014

This article talked about how to take better Outdoor Sports photos, which could be especially helpful around right now since Summer is coming and outdoor sports are becoming more and more prevalent to our lives. Also, this would be a helpful article for MEMO people to read. The tips include using a low ISO and getting a solid camera lens in order to take better quality photos of people running around staying active outdoors. It also tells you to set a higher shutter speed in order to freeze the motion shots/ action shots of the players. A quote from the article talks about one of the other tips, saying, “4. Be ready. When you’re photographing sports, you can either use the zoom lens as binoculars and follow the ball, or zoom in on your child (or another subject) and wait for the action. Sometimes I like to grab the “pensive” shot of them waiting for the ball — then when it comes, I’ll snap for the action as well. With a great zoom lens, you don’t need to get closer to the action — you just need a good angle. I generally stand on the sidelines in the middle of the field during a game and only walk around if I need to change my angle. I’ll often keep one eye through the lens and the other eye on the field to help me gauge the timing of it all. I don’t photograph the whole game, but I will pull out my camera sporadically. At some point, I have to set my gear aside, relax, and just watch the game (and cheer)!”   Here’s the link to the article: 4 Tips for Better Outdoor Sports Photography

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