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50$ Film Camera

By on 05/27/2014

This article contains pictures taken on a 50$ film camera and I really like the photos. The photographer’s name is Oleg Oprisco and is from the Ukraine. One really interesting thing about the photographer is, “t be done digitally.” This is absolutely amazing considering what the photos are and look like! During an interview Oleg stated, ” “I’ve found it ideal to do everything myself. I come up with a concept, create the clothing, choose the location and direct the hair and makeup.”

All of the photos are of girls outside in nature and many of them are either in a field or in the woods such as near trees. Some of the photos seem mysterious and I like the soft colors in them. I like how all of the photos are different from each other and the locations and ideas behind each of the pictures is different and the photos don’t seem too similar at all. I really like the picture of the girl sitting on top of all the suitcases. The suitcases are old suitcases stacked up on top of each other and a girl is sitting on them looking down at the ground. The picture is taken outside and seems to be somewhere in the woods. I really like Oleg Oprisco’s work and his pictures has inspired me to try and change my photos up a bit and plan more so I don’t have to edit the pictures on the computer a lot.


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