Photography Classes @ MERHS


By on 05/27/2014

My photo project is about eyes. I started with human eyes because the fascinate me. I love trying to get the people’s true selves through their eyes. Although the topic is extremely cliche it’s so much fun. The first turned in piece which is a triptych was all girls. THe eyes on the bottom belong to Amelia and they show her artistic, shy, and loving side. With the eyes above her, Sarah, show fun. Sarah is a really fun person who loves to make jokes and laugh. The girl above Sarah is Megan. I don’t know her to well for we have only met a few times. But I knew that I had to photography her eyes. They are one of the prettiest colors I’ve seen. The diptych I did was of my boyfriend, Anthony, and Lucas. Anthony’s eyes are wild and show how he’s crazy and weird. Lucas’s eyes show calmness and they’re just gorgeous. Next week I plan on doing animal eyes.

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