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Photographer and Self Portraits

By on 05/07/2014

This article contains  self portraits of a 20 year old photographer named Rachel Baran. Her photos are all different and equally interesting. I like how different the photos are but none of them are normal looking self portraits but they include different objects and are taken in different places. One of my favorite pictures is the one of her face with honey on it and there are bees on her. This idea is extremely original and weird (but in a good way) because I haven’t seen anything like it before. Another picture I like is the one where she is standing on a rock in the water and her dress is being blown by the wind. I like how she is in the middle of the frame and not off to the side and I like how the background seems foggy and gives the photo a mysterious look to it. I like to take odd pictures as well as Rachel and I think that is why I love these pictures she has taken of herself. Overall I like all of the photos in this article and I would definitely like to research and look at more of her artwork.

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