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Weekly Extra – Developing a creative eye

By on 05/15/2014

This article talks about how novice photographers can adapt to their own “creative eye”. The tips they supply in the article talk about taking the camera off of auto in order to make yourself adjust the settings to your own personal likings, and begin to “break the rules” of course after they learn them first. it’s important to know what most people want from a photograph and then figure out a way to adjust it and break it so they start to suit what you want. The article talks about bringing your camera everywhere you go, and how that can help you as well, saying, “Bring your camera everywhere you go. Photograph anything and everything you can to get accustomed to various lighting situations and different camera settings. The more comfortable you get with your camera, the more things will become second nature for you. Even now, many years after I began my own photography journey, I still bring my camera most places. When I don’t have my camera with me, I am still visualizing photographs. I am looking at the light and the way it falls on different people, on different objects. Whether I am riding in the car or out with my family, I am still assessing and taking in everything around me.” URL: Developing your Creative Eye

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