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How to Photograph Lightning Storms -Weekly Extra

By on 06/03/2014

Since this is the last Weekly Extra of this year I thought I would do a fun article, so I found this one on how to photograph lightning storms. Since I actually find shows like storm chasers really interesting the article was actually really cool to read. It talked about taking photos continually in order to catch a strike, and all of the protective gear you need to help your camera. Also, it talks about the best lenses for the job.

PS it ask talks about safety precautions that are obviously important to remember during a dangerous storm.

The article elaborates on safety tips, saying, ”

Stay out of danger while capturing nature’s power. For the shots featured in this article, I photographed from my studio window, and the storm was rather far away, so safety was not an issue. If you are photographing from a window, make sure the storm is not too close because lightning can — and will — strike through a window.

If you are outside, stay away from trees and open fields. Shoot from underneath an overhang or from inside a car. You may also want to download weather and radar apps to your phone so you can be alerted if other weather concerns such as flooding or strong winds are a factor.”


How to Photograph Lightning Storms



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