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Weekly Extra – Mushrooms

By on 09/29/2014

After spending a good amount of time surfing bored panda for ideas for new photos, I found this article/photos of a guy that is focusing on taking photos of mushrooms. The photos themselves are very beautiful and very interesting (didn’t know some mushrooms puff out smoke). I love the variety of mushrooms I’ve really never seen before mixed with a bunch of basic mushrooms shown in a beautiful way. These photos gave me some inspiration for a new project as well.

Despite the fact I have been working on self-portraits for a good amount of time now it might be time for a change. These photos of something so plain and unnoticed have inspired me to possibly take photos of something kind of unnoticed. Although very different from mushrooms, I am thinking about starting a new project to take pictures of insects. Since insects are actually very unique animals that most of the time go unnoticed. I was thinking about doing something with spiders. Almost glorifying these unnoticed, tiny creates that we live with everywhere and everyday. The idea of taking something most people think of as ugly and unnoticeable could be a great project.

Here is a link to the pictures/small article of the mushrooms: