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Death of Conversations Article Review

By on 10/17/2014

For lack of a better topic to write about, while I was growing bored panda the other day I found this article about how this person takes photos of people immersed in their cell phones. t’s interesting to browse through the photos since it’s almost uncomfortable to how people will ignore one another and go on their phones or devices instead.

The age of technology has definitely been the age of the death of conversation, since many people rely on phones to have them have a conversation and ignore others to be on their phone when they’re in public. It’s strange to see couple and families and coworkers ignoring one another and not having a conversation so they can be on their phones instead. it almost feels, not right. Anyway, it was an interesting thing to photograph.

It’s definitely an interesting idea to photograph things about society that we see everyday and don’t pay much attention to. For awhile, I was going to photograph people’s faces and then the shoes on their feet and make a series out of that. Instead I started my self-portrait series, but maybe I will go back to the idea if the self portrait series ends or doesn’t end up working out like I want it to.