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By on 10/16/2014

For this upcoming photo assignment we have to take a non boring / non cliche photo of one of the following: landscape, flowers, cemetery, sunset/sunrise, or trees . I think that I will focus on landscape because landscapes can be extremely beautiful. Photographs by Lincoln Harrison reflect an interesting way to photograph landscape. Harrison used a very long shutter speed (15 hours to be exact) to capture star tails across the Australian night sky. These long exposure photos inspire me to use some sort of long shutter speed/exposure to make a seemingly boring landscape photo into a beautiful and interesting photograph.

Shooting stars: Photographer Lincoln Harrison spent up to 15 hours taking these long exposure pictures over Lake Eppalock near Bendigo in Victoria, AustraliaLight over the lake: Sun starts to rise over Lake Eppalock in Australia

Posted in: week 5: Oct 6-10