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Weekley Extra 1

By on 10/01/2014


Reflection Post: Dance Photos

  • I decided to take these photos because I wanted to capture the look of movement in dance. Also, it was convenient for me because I could work on them while I practiced. I shot the photos with a slow shutter seed to highlight the control and stability you need to dance. I wanted to show how every small movement is crucial to the dance as a whole.
  • The difficulties I had while taking these photos was the location. I couldn’t shoot them in a dance studio because I really needed the black background to get the effect I wanted. I ended up doing it in my basement but the slight pattern on the wall showed up more than I thought it would. However, once I looked at the pictures on the computer, I decided that the pattern was kind of interesting.
  • I definitely think that these images portray movement. They also have a ghostly look that gives ballet a darker, less innocent feel. I would like to see the pictures with a plain black background just to see if it does in fact look better. I really like how you are able to trace the movement and see almost every aspect that makes up one turn or jump.
  • I plan on continuing taking photos with a slow shutter speed. I also love the idea of taking pictures of dancers because I do ballet and find it very interesting. I also spend a lot of my time dancing after school so it will fit nicely into my schedule.
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