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Weekly Extra – Feminism

By on 10/31/2014

Maybe I like this article and these photos because I am a feminist (who knows), but while browsing bored panda I came across this article with photos showing how princesses in Disney movies would actually look if they were given realistic waistlines. There are definitely other features that should be made realistic as well, but in this day and age giving these princesses realistic waistlines would surely help change the image of how “all women are suppose to look”.

Gender roles have always bothered me, I never understand why women are set do set tasks and men other tasks (or, of course, why women would be paid less than a man for the same job). I guess this makes me a feminist, but I really don’t care. These photos in the article made me think about a new project I may do surrounding the idea of feminism. I could take pictures of women doing typical “gender specific” tasks, and then one’s of women doing men’s “gender specific” tasks.

Anyways, here’s the article and the photos with it!