Photography Classes @ MERHS

Reflection on Week One of our own project

By on 12/04/2014

For the first week of my own photo assignment I decided to take pictures of my good friend Avery. I decided to go somewhere that was a complete opposite to Avery (a playground). I decided to take pictures of Avery at a playground because playgrounds are usually fun and happy places. Avery is more of a quiet and withdrawn person. I made her stand facing toward me in a formal portrait stance. I also told her not to laugh and be completely stone-faced. Of course, the wind started picking up and I got amazing pictures of her smiling. Because she is a rather sad person, I don’t get to see her truly smile all that often. These pictures capture a hidden beauty that Avery has.

I believe that the first week of the project was successful. I thought that the place that I chose to shoot the photos was a good place and I thought that capturing her smiling was successful.

My photo project hopes to focus on something that is hidden about the person I am photographing. I will show this hidden meaning through the setting or the persons expression in the photograph.

I will continue to take photos of people from week to week and perhaps change things a little bit.

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