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Matte Finish – Weekly Extra

By on 01/16/2015

One of the more popular forms of editing, especially amongst hipsters, is adding a matte finish. The matte finish is said to make the photo a lot softer than it would be before, canceling out those harsh lights in a photo. Using matte has also said to add a hazy-ness to the photo, and make the subject of the photo almost glow. Matte adds a grey-ish tint to the photo that dulls the color (typically background), makes the photo a lot calmer, and sometimes easier to look at it.

How much of the edit you want in your photo is up to you, although using too much can tend to make a photo look grainy.

The article I recently read just gives a basic tutorial on how to take photos that are prime for the editing techniques, and how to do so in photoshop.

Here’s the link: