Photography Classes @ MERHS

Weekly Extra

By on 03/27/2015

This week, I am writing my weekly extra based on these photos by Australian photographer, Ray Collins. Her photos depict frozen waves that mimic the stature and appearance of mountains. I love the simplicity of the images as well as the way they trick the eye. I admire this photographer’s skills as I have previously tried to capture waves and found it very difficult to come up with something eye-catching and original. I like how she has taken a cliché, over-photographed theme and made it unique. The images are beautiful, captivating, and thought provoking.

In my own work, I would like to be able to use her concept of photographing objects that appear to resemble something else. I find it very interesting especially when the subject of the photo is something very ordinary, like waves.

In my snow photos, I feel like I did something similar. Although completely different in appearance, I feel that my message was similar to Collins’s. My doubling a simple, generic photo of snow covered branches I was able to give it a more insect-like appearance.