Photography Classes @ MERHS

Weekly Extra

By on 04/01/2015



My recent photos have depicted an image that is flipped horizontally to create a mirror effect. I chose to use photos of dance due to the fact that the shapes and contours created by the duality of the images, mimics the constant movement of a dancer’s body. I really wanted to be able to capture the intricate motion that accompanies dance. I feel that by creating unexpected, eye-catching shapes, the essence of dance is enhanced within the images. They seem to take on a mystical, other worldly appearance that makes them stand apart from average ballet photos (which can often come across as cliché). I like the fact that I am able to create something new and interesting but all the while, photograph something that is commonly seen in pictures.

Moving forward, since I feel that I have exhausted my current theme, I want to switch up the method of photo shopping but still create a distorted image. I like the idea that a viewer would have to look at the photo for more than a few seconds before they understood what they were seeing.