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Weekly Extra-Week of March 30th

By on 03/30/2015

When I first took the photograph of the bridge and of the flower, I had not intended to layer multiple versions of the same image. For the first two weeks of my own project, I was working on multiplicities. However,

Weekly Extra 5: March 23-27

By on 03/20/2015 After viewing some of Charles Grogg’s photographs, I have come to the realization that the object that you are taking a picture of does not have to be perfect or beautiful, it is the way you choose to take

Weekly Extra 4: Week of March 16-20

By on 03/20/2015 After looking at some of Jill Fehrenbacher’s photographs, I have been inspired that taking pictures of simple everyday things can still not be cliche. I really like how in the first photograph, she paid attention to the use

Weekly Extra 3: March 9-13

By on 03/20/2015 After looking at some of Liliana Gelman’s work, I have been inspired to create works of art that actually interest me. I really like how she chooses to have her photographs be in black and white. In

Reflection Post: March 2-6

By on 03/05/2015

  My thought process for taking this photo was to have Delaney model in front of something semi-vintage. I actually started having her model outside but felt that it was boring and to simple. After multiple attempts, we chose the

Reflection Post Feb 23-27th

By on 02/23/2015

  I decided for my own project to take multiplicities. My thought process behind taking these photos was that I could make use of the snow and have an eight year old child play in the snow. I shot the

Sam Kane weekly extra 7

By on 06/11/2014 These photographs by Scott Taylor inspire me to continue taking photos in black and white. Black and white photography is my favorite type of photography. In the first photo, I really like the angle that he decided to take

Sam Kane Weekly Extra 6

By on 05/28/2014 These photographs by Angela Kelly are taken at -9 to -12 degrees Celsius. These pictures inspire me in several ways. One thing that Angela Kelly inspires me to do is to take macro photos because they show a lot of details.  I really

Sam Kane Weekly Extra 4

By on 05/28/2014 This photograph is taken by Christopher Tait at the Dark Hedges  in Northern Ireland. This is a popular photo spot in Ireland because of it’s mystical and beauty. Christopher Tait inspires me to take pictures of nature and to

Sam Kane Weekly Extra 5

By on 05/28/2014

These photographs by  Brice Harbert inspire me to take both pictures of nature and to continue taking pictures in black and white. For the first photograph, I really like how close he took the picture and I like the use