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Photo Portfolio week 1

By on 09/14/2011


Mav Final post lee goo

By on 06/13/2011

i’d say i’ve work at a 8 level. id say this because this year i’ve been putting in more effort to take good photos. though some be taken within the classroom i believe that they are pretty quality pictures. since

mav photo guy

By on 06/08/2011   i like how he captures moments in concerts that people may not realize.

Coach Mav’s Player Report of Jas Davis

By on 05/18/2011

Jas uses very rich colors in all of his photo’s which is great. it adds a certain richness to his works. Jas shows that he can take good photo’s of mostly anything. you can tell this by seeing the variety

Show and tell

By on 04/14/2011 Glen E. Friedman Glen E. Friedman (born 1962) is an American photographer and artist. Coming to prominence in the 1980s with his photography of skateboarders and musicians, Friedman is considered one of the most important photographers of his generation.He

april 11 photo

By on 04/14/2011

while ms epp was talking today i noticed the little cupboard looking thing in the corner so i decided to take a photo of it. i think it came out pretty good.

st.patricks day photos

By on 03/29/2011

Week 3 photo

By on 03/29/2011

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By on 03/28/2011

during the past few weeks i have noticed that i have been looking at things in a different light. I’ll see certain things in nature and realize that some of the things i see have a lot of potential. now

week one

By on 03/11/2011

Didnt really put much of an effort this week but i did come across a rather interesting rice ball made by my friend jas