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By on 03/08/2011 This podcast in an interview between a photo podcast host from Nikon and a professional sports photographer named John lacono. He talks of the places and events he has witnessed during his career. He also talks about the difficulty that


By on 03/03/2011

the picture is really dark but i added a copper texture. its really bad because i didnt have much time.


By on 03/03/2011

During my vacation i spend most of my time lifting to get ready for the upcoming football season.

Sculpture Photo

By on 03/03/2011

so the link to the sculpture no longer shows the sculpture and i cant find a picture of it online, but it was a wirey structure that looked kind of like a condenced metal shade(like a shade on australian casinos


By on 02/10/2011

I SMURFED HER I really hate taking pictures of people, and this is a great example of me not being good at it.


By on 02/08/2011

I”m usually inspired by the things in nature. I don”t tend to set things up for a photo I”d rather just find something


By on 02/08/2011

I was in the grimy hell known as the Crosbys basement and i decided atoledo that maybe i should take some photos