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Vacay Pic

By on 05/18/2011

Hey this was the best picture from my trip to london that i passed in for pictures one week you better like this Kayla

Show and Tell

By on 04/26/2011

Two weeks ago we did show and tell and i showed this website that took videos and pictures of weddings and lifestyle. The website was called For you love me. I found it through a blog but it online roulette had the

Jarz and Sturff

By on 04/15/2011

Dez are mai pictures i took them @ masco with a jar. This made meh buy my new baby Owen. You wil meat him suen.


By on 03/28/2011

From the start of our individual projects i choose a project that i dont really love. I started taking pictures of my lips i think i choose it cause it was easy to be honest and i was really sick and

St. Patricks Day Photos

By on 03/24/2011

This week i went off of my last weeks photos of my lips. this week i did my eyes and i put on some make up to make it stand out. Im not sure what i am going to do


By on 03/15/2011

-My strengths in photography are: My strengths in photo are finding the right thing to do to Photoshop to my pictures -My weaknesses in photography are: My weakness is being cohesive with my pictures -I would like to challenge myself

Pick your Project week 1!

By on 03/10/2011

this week i didnt know what to do at all. I was gonna do something involving make up but then i decided to do something bold and i didnt want to do a whole faceshot like i Blackjack spelas med


By on 03/02/2011 For my response i read an article about photographing stories while traveling. This can help you capture your vacation in a more creative and memorable way. First you must watch the local people, they don”t have to look special

Vacation oheleven

By on 03/01/2011

This vacation i went to Mexico with my best friends Jess and we stayed at an all inclusive resort so we didnt leave the area much but when i did i took pictures for me and i tried not to


By on 02/18/2011

i forgot to add the painting in the gallery but i was inspired by the colors and the how bright the piture is also the carriage is tan like annys skin so i liked using the facepaint it twas very