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Weekly Extra

By on 06/10/2014

I chose to do my weekly extra on these photos by Benjamin Von Wong because I am very interested in underwater photography. I always am open to trying new concepts with my images and I would love to take some

Weekly Extra Week 5

By on 06/06/2014

These photos by Daniel Stoupin are extremely fascinating to me. I chose to do my weekly extra on his work because it combines my two favorite subjects, photography and science. I have always dreamed of being a marine biologist or

Weekly Extra

By on 05/30/2014

I chose to do my weekly extra on these photos because I am really inspired by the way that Robert Jahns uses Photoshop. He is able to give the pictures a mysterious quality that really intrigues me. In my future

Weekly Extra Pinterest Board

By on 05/29/2014    

Weekly Extra

By on 05/28/2014

Molly McKeon 5/28/14 Weekly Extra These photos, taken by Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova, inspire me to take more photos that incorporate nature. The pictures that she took capture the relationship between women, animals, and the outdoors. However, they still have

Weekly Extra 4/17

By on 05/01/2014 Work By: Oleg Oprisco These photos are very interesting to me due to the surreal scenes that Oprisco creates. In my own work, I like to use Photoshop to make my pictures look like something that you wouldn’t necessarily

Week Summary Photo

By on 09/27/2013

Things I Hate to Photograph

By on 09/27/2013


Nothing Photos

By on 09/19/2013

Fist Photos

By on 09/10/2013