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Weekly Extra – Dreamy Photos

By on 12/05/2014

One of the more interesting ideas on how to take a photo that I’ve come across is the bag over the lens effect that alters the photo so it looks more “dreamy” and makes the edges of the photo look

Weekly Extra – Mirrors

By on 11/20/2014

After searching for a new idea for a project, I came across the idea of using mirrors in my photography. Since I typically spend an excessive amount of time on tumblr and pinterest, I was able to find a variety

Weekly Extra – Lithuanian Forests Inspiration

By on 11/13/2014

Since I’m Lithuanian it only makes sense that I would love all the photos done by this artist that was inspired from the surrounding environment they grew up in. Surrounded by forest and nature, Raggana (that’s their post name) was

Weekly Extra – Feminism

By on 10/31/2014

Maybe I like this article and these photos because I am a feminist (who knows), but while browsing bored panda I came across this article with photos showing how princesses in Disney movies would actually look if they were given

New Idea for Self Portraits – Weekly Extra

By on 10/23/2014

After spending tireless hours contemplating what step I should take next in my self portrait project I have found a new way to do a double exposure, but also make it look unique to my other double exposures. I decided

Death of Conversations Article Review

By on 10/17/2014

For lack of a better topic to write about, while I was growing bored panda the other day I found this article about how this person takes photos of people immersed in their cell phones. t’s interesting to browse through

Self Portraits – Inspiration and Thoughts

By on 10/05/2014

Over the past week I photographed a somewhat new phase to my project of self portraits. The photos are slightly dark, and consist of multiple overlays of myself in different positions and lights. The inspiration for the photos is definitely

Bill Henson – Weekly Extra

By on 10/02/2014

After browsing through one of Ms. Epp’s giant photo books I came across the artist Bill Henson. Although, most of the time some of these books don’t particularly interest me, since my photography is mostly modern art while these tend

Weekly Extra – Mushrooms

By on 09/29/2014

After spending a good amount of time surfing bored panda for ideas for new photos, I found this article/photos of a guy that is focusing on taking photos of mushrooms. The photos themselves are very beautiful and very interesting (didn’t

Weekly Extra – Techniques for taking Self-Portraits

By on 09/18/2014

Since my project at the moment is based on self-portraits I thought it would only make sense that I write about an article I read about self-portraits; that i found on my favorite blog/site. The article gives helpful techniques for