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Weekly Extra – Creativity as a Daily Practice

By on 09/11/2014

For my weekly extra this week I decided to write about this article that talks about the importance of practicing creativity for photographers. The video and little blurb about it talk about how photographers tend to freeze once they’ve finished

How to Photograph Lightning Storms -Weekly Extra

By on 06/03/2014

Since this is the last Weekly Extra of this year I thought I would do a fun article, so I found this one on how to photograph lightning storms. Since I actually find shows like storm chasers really interesting the


By on 05/28/2014

Habits of Highly Creative Photographers – Weekly Extra

By on 05/28/2014

This article gives tips and information about what other people who are very successful in photography do to try and support their art. One of the most important qualities shown in the article is not comparing yourself to others, the

Weekly Extra – Landscape Photography

By on 05/22/2014

This article talks about how to photograph landscapes, especially when a bright sky could be in your way. The article gave tips such as using specific filters that other photographers have used in the past, and how to compare soft

Weekly Extra – Developing a creative eye

By on 05/15/2014

This article talks about how novice photographers can adapt to their own “creative eye”. The tips they supply in the article talk about taking the camera off of auto in order to make yourself adjust the settings to your own

Natural Light – Weekly Extra

By on 05/08/2014

This article talks about how to properly use natural light in your photos, by supplying the reader with tips and other examples of taking photos with natural light. The article compares direct light with nondirect light, and how it puts the

Weekly Extra – Pinterest Board

By on 05/01/2014

Here is my pinterest board for my weekly extra! I just put things in a photography board that interest me or inspire me in my photographs. –>

Success Story – Weekly Extra

By on 04/29/2014

This article talks about a younger surfing photographer that recently became successful in his work. The photographer, Stephen Krawiec , recently got one of his first photos taken published in Eastern Surf Magazine. His advice to young people trying to get

Portfolio – Weekly Extra

By on 04/15/2014

This article talked about how to take better Outdoor Sports photos, which could be especially helpful around right now since Summer is coming and outdoor sports are becoming more and more prevalent to our lives. Also, this would be a