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Coaching Kayla… sounds like a TV show..kewl.

By on 05/18/2011

Your past work is creepy, although I know it is what you enjoy the most.. being creepy. I think you have progressively improved since the beginning of the year, congrats! I really like your more recent pictures, they are very

Behind the Scenes

By on 05/11/2011

Ms. Epp asked me to post some “behind the scenes” pictures of my most recent photo shoot, soooooo here they are!

Week of May 9th – Flowers!

By on 05/11/2011

I accepted the challenge to photograph flowers in a unique way. I don’t typically photograph objects, therefore I incorporated flowers into my portraits.

Week of May 2nd

By on 05/10/2011

I took these pictures to work on my camera technicalities before I started my new project for this quarter.

Joseph Cartright

By on 05/04/2011

Joseph Cartright is a New York Fashion and Beauty Photographer. He works digitally and has shot covers for Rogue and Mr. Magazine.

April 25th Photos

By on 04/28/2011

These photos aren’t the ones that I want to use in creating a new project, they’re just some shots from April break!

Found Photographers

By on 04/14/2011

Personally i like to watch America’s Next Top Model because I like to watch the learning process, set up, and the shoots that take place. One of the judges and gues photographers is Nigel Barker. I like his work adn

Finding My Groove

By on 04/05/2011

I’m still working on my camera technicalities as well as coming up with my own ideas rather than following a theme.

Week 3

By on 04/04/2011

This week I kind of went off topic with my assignment but I’m trying to get back into my groove, so I stuck with more simple portraits.


By on 03/28/2011

Throughout the last few weeks I don’t feel like I have grown at all. Instead I’m trying to take Ms. Epp’s advice and go back to what I know. I have been lacking creative ideas and I’m trying to work