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Week 2 Fashion Photography

By on 03/21/2011

I decided to go more commercial this week!

Week 1 Fashion Photography

By on 03/10/2011

My overall theme is fashion photography, I chose an abandoned scene to place my model and dressed her in a nice outfit. I chose to edit the majority of my pictures rather than keep them simple.


By on 03/07/2011

-My strengths in photography are: Portraits -My weaknesses in photography are: Fixing the ISO -I would like to challenge myself in photography by: Fixing the technical difficulties -Theme/Idea you have for the project: Fashion photography -Overall Goals for the project:

Vacation Photos

By on 03/01/2011

During my vacation I celebrated my birthday the first half and went to New York with my Bestie the second half! Most of my pictures are snapshots so I thought these would be the best two to hand in.

Article Response

By on 02/28/2011

This article is about how to become a fashion photographer. The basic information needed to start photographing that style. The article emphasizes that selling is key and the photographer always needs to keep up with the latest fashion trends in

MoMA Replica

By on 02/15/2011

The name of the painting I chose to emulate is Mme Kupka Among Verticals by, František Kupka. It was from 1910-1911 on an Oil paint canvas. I chose to use this picture to emulate because I really appealed to the Colors

Textures Tutorial

By on 02/10/2011

This tutorial is for using textures as an overlay on photos. Steps to take: 1. Open a picture you would like to use. 2. Find a free high resolution texture on google and copy and paste it into a new

Hate Photos

By on 02/08/2011

I came up with this idea because I love to photograph people. I like to be able to manipulate the things in my pictures and find them more visually interesting when there is someone to look at. Taking landscape pictures


By on 02/03/2011

I struggled to come up with an idea for this assignment, I wanted to include something more than a legitimate picture of nothing. Kayla and I discussed this assignment together and ended up taking the same pictures on accident because


By on 02/03/2011

All of the pictures I take for my assignments are ones that I have taken the time to think about and set up. My inspiration comes from past experiences as well things that peak my interest. I mostly always photograph