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Spiral Staircases

By on 06/10/2014 This article contains 30 photos of spiral staircases all over the world. This article is really cool because all of the staircases are completely different and are located in different places but are all unique in the same way.


By on 06/10/2014

My second week was animal eyes. I personally found it very hard doing animals eyes. they move a lot and I can’t get the crispness that I wanted in the animal and kid mode. But it was ok. I got

Phebe Weekly Extra 7

By on 06/05/2014

Matthias Haker Matthias Haker is a photographer who takes incredible pictures of staircases. His pictures are very crisp and clear photographs of the stairs he is focused on. His photographs shows different textures, shapes, lines and several other things

Sam Kane Weekly Extra 6

By on 05/28/2014 These photographs by Angela Kelly are taken at -9 to -12 degrees Celsius. These pictures inspire me in several ways. One thing that Angela Kelly inspires me to do is to take macro photos because they show a lot of details.  I really

Sam Kane Weekly Extra 4

By on 05/28/2014 This photograph is taken by Christopher Tait at the Dark Hedges  in Northern Ireland. This is a popular photo spot in Ireland because of it’s mystical and beauty. Christopher Tait inspires me to take pictures of nature and to

Phebe Weekly Extra 6

By on 05/28/2014

Andy Lee Andy Lee is a photographer who takes photographs of Icelandic landscapes. He uses techniques that make his images of Iceland look completely different and unique from others. He uses a filter on his camera that can take

Sam Kane Weekly Extra 5

By on 05/28/2014

These photographs by  Brice Harbert inspire me to take both pictures of nature and to continue taking pictures in black and white. For the first photograph, I really like how close he took the picture and I like the use


By on 05/27/2014

My photo project is about eyes. I started with human eyes because the fascinate me. I love trying to get the people’s true selves through their eyes. Although the topic is extremely cliche it’s so much fun. The first turned

Surreal Photos by Instagrammer Nois7

By on 05/27/2014 Photographer Robert Jahns takes beautiful photos in nature that show adventure and unlike a lot of photos people are fans of, the photos aren’t dark or have a creepy meaning to them. The photos are edited and photoshopped to

The Art Show

By on 05/27/2014

Picking out pieces for the art show is probably one of the hardest things in the world. You have to decide what do you want the school body to see that isn’t embarrassing and isn’t bad. The two photos that