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By on 01/16/2015

These photos were taken as a small atempt to be creepy for Halloween. I personally LOVE Halloween and these photos were just trying to give off a creepy vibe. I think the ones where I’m covering my face with both

Scan Myself – Self Portraits – Weekly Extra

By on 01/11/2015

Since most of my photo projects turn into self portraits, it would only make sense that I love to look at other people’s self portraits as well. The self portraits done by a German artist named Ella somewhat remind me


By on 01/06/2015

I ended up doing some photographs of one of my notebooks and a book I was reading at the time. Although it was fun. I’m not proud of these photographs. They were very rushed and not well thought out. If

Photographing Common Things – Weekly Extra

By on 12/16/2014

After browsing bored panda I came across an article/photos that depicted a small, hardboiled egg being “tortured” with nails, staples, fishing hooks, and other things. I love the idea of photographing a common object and making it into something thought

Weekly Extra – Flowers Frozen In Ice

By on 12/11/2014

Photographs that resemble paintings have to be some of my favorite types of photographs. The style of the photographs are always so elegant, and the photo flows together in a unique way. Although not always as crisp as I typically

Weekly Extra – Dreamy Photos

By on 12/05/2014

One of the more interesting ideas on how to take a photo that I’ve come across is the bag over the lens effect that alters the photo so it looks more “dreamy” and makes the edges of the photo look

Weekly Extra – Mirrors

By on 11/20/2014

After searching for a new idea for a project, I came across the idea of using mirrors in my photography. Since I typically spend an excessive amount of time on tumblr and pinterest, I was able to find a variety

Weekly Extra – Feminism

By on 10/31/2014

Maybe I like this article and these photos because I am a feminist (who knows), but while browsing bored panda I came across this article with photos showing how princesses in Disney movies would actually look if they were given

Pets Pets Pets

By on 10/27/2014

Another project that I am handing in late is some pet photographs. I will be using my one of my dogs and one of my cats. I plan on putting my dog outside and letting her use her toys. She

Looking Into Fall

By on 10/27/2014

As fall comes upon us I’m looking at the leaves and all of the changes that come with it. I personally love how people make their front doors look. Although it would make a nice typology I am going to