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New Idea for Self Portraits – Weekly Extra

By on 10/23/2014

After spending tireless hours contemplating what step I should take next in my self portrait project I have found a new way to do a double exposure, but also make it look unique to my other double exposures. I decided

Death of Conversations Article Review

By on 10/17/2014

For lack of a better topic to write about, while I was growing bored panda the other day I found this article about how this person takes photos of people immersed in their cell phones. t’s interesting to browse through

Photos and Sickness

By on 10/06/2014

I was sick Tuesday through Thursday which resulted in sleeping quite a lot. It also meant not taking my photographs. But as I lay either in the bathroom or my bedroom I found myself thinking about what would be a

Self Portraits – Inspiration and Thoughts

By on 10/05/2014

Over the past week I photographed a somewhat new phase to my project of self portraits. The photos are slightly dark, and consist of multiple overlays of myself in different positions and lights. The inspiration for the photos is definitely

Adventure Shoot

By on 10/03/2014

I went on a drive with my dad this weekend and I had my camera with me the entire time. We first went to Pebble Beach in Rockport. There were many good macro moments looking from the pebbles up to


By on 10/03/2014

Doing a marco shoot of sunflowers was oddly harder then I imagined it to be. I picked a day that was slightly overcast and took my tripod out. I had no problem with the camera being still. It was the

Bill Henson – Weekly Extra

By on 10/02/2014

After browsing through one of Ms. Epp’s giant photo books I came across the artist Bill Henson. Although, most of the time some of these books don’t particularly interest me, since my photography is mostly modern art while these tend

Weekly Extra – Mushrooms

By on 09/29/2014

After spending a good amount of time surfing bored panda for ideas for new photos, I found this article/photos of a guy that is focusing on taking photos of mushrooms. The photos themselves are very beautiful and very interesting (didn’t

Macro and a New Camera

By on 09/12/2014

I have decided one of my projects this year will be macro photography. It’s always interested me and I love taking up close photos. At the beginning of the week I researched how to take better macro photos and I

Weekly Extra – Creativity as a Daily Practice

By on 09/11/2014

For my weekly extra this week I decided to write about this article that talks about the importance of practicing creativity for photographers. The video and little blurb about it talk about how photographers tend to freeze once they’ve finished