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Anything Photos

By on 02/17/2012

During this week we were allowed to do anything you want photos. Its always nice to be able to shoot what you want sometimes rather than being told what to photograph because its a nice break.  I love going to

Square Shoot

By on 02/16/2012

Things I hate to photograph.

By on 02/13/2012

I don’t like taking pictures of my brother because he usually makes funny faces everytime I try to take a picture of him. I liked doing this photoshoot with him because I got some good pictures of him for once. 

Things that I don’t like taking pictures of

By on 02/10/2012

This week for are photo assignment we had to take pictuers of things that we don’t like to photography or a type of photography that we don’t like to do.  I hate taking portrait photography. So one day this week I had

A type of photography I hate taking pictures of!

By on 02/10/2012

  I hate doing sports photography. Don’t get me wrong I love sports but when it comes down to taking pictures of them there one of my least favorite things to photograph. Overall the photos that can be produce d


By on 02/07/2012

I found this assignment very interesting because it really made me think. At first, i started taking pictures of legit nothing… like, out of focus pictures of nothing. Then i started thinking more into it and took pictures of things

Nothing Photos

By on 02/07/2012

      For this assignment the hardest part was deciding which photos to pair  up with each other. Originally when I went out to take photos I had a general idea as to what I wanted but I wasn’t

Photo’s of nothing

By on 02/06/2012

When I was taking these photo’s I had this idea of taking a picture of something but I look’s like nothing.  I went to the beach with my friends over the weekend and I made her go spin and had

Bear goes Square

By on 02/01/2012

I tired taking square images but in the end it felt just the same as when i shoot rectangular, in terms of composing the images, just with cropping it at the end.      

Light Pollution – Week of 11/18

By on 01/13/2012

This week I stayed in downtown Manchester. These photos show the sources of light pollution as well as the glow visible in the sky.