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Viewing: Q3: WEEK 6 = MARCH 30 – APRIL 3

Weekly Extra

By on 04/09/2015

For my last week of photos, I decided to shoot something that required less photo shopping. I took some more classic, clean portraits of Courtney in order to show diversity in my photography. Overall, I like how they turned out

Q3: WEEK 6 = MARCH 30 – APRIL 3

By on 04/08/2015

  For this week’s photos I chose to take pictures simply of a white pearl necklace. I did my best to keep in mind the “beautiful” theme of my project that I have built off of this year in portfolio.

Inspirational Post Week 6

By on 04/02/2015

“Last Summer, I Found WW2 Photos Of Dijon In France And Retook Them In The Same Places 70 Years Later” The artistic who took this series of photos is named Pierre. He is 19 years old and from France

Week 6: March 30-April 3: Libby Dulski

By on 03/31/2015

Last week I went against everything that I have been photographing for the last four weeks. Last week I turned in a photo of my brother. To be honest, I got bored of taking pictures of myself and wanted to

Weekly Extra – Phone Photography

By on 03/31/2015

Since everyone is always using their phone to take photos, since it’s much easier to carry a little phone around with you than a bulky camera, I thought it would be interesting to read this article about phone photography. Nicolas

Weekly Extra-Week of March 30th

By on 03/30/2015

When I first took the photograph of the bridge and of the flower, I had not intended to layer multiple versions of the same image. For the first two weeks of my own project, I was working on multiplicities. However,

weekly extra instructions

By on 02/23/2015

  If you need to insert photos into your posts, make sure they are .jpg and not .psd       WEEKLY EXTRA OPTIONS:   TUTORIAL : Find relevant a photoshop tutorial for specific skills you want to learn, or browse