Photography Classes @ MERHS

Viewing: week 1: Sept 8-12

Weekley Extra 1

By on 10/01/2014

  Reflection Post: Dance Photos I decided to take these photos because I wanted to capture the look of movement in dance. Also, it was convenient for me because I could work on them while I practiced. I shot the

Macro and a New Camera

By on 09/12/2014

I have decided one of my projects this year will be macro photography. It’s always interested me and I love taking up close photos. At the beginning of the week I researched how to take better macro photos and I

Weekly Extra – Creativity as a Daily Practice

By on 09/11/2014

For my weekly extra this week I decided to write about this article that talks about the importance of practicing creativity for photographers. The video and little blurb about it talk about how photographers tend to freeze once they’ve finished

Inspiration Post

By on 09/05/2014

Thomas Kneubühler’s work really intrigues me. His work focuses on light coming out of the dark. I love the contrast of his photos and the way the light really stands out and creates contrast against the dark. His website says that,