Photography Classes @ MERHS

Viewing: week 5: Oct 6-10

Weekly Extra

By on 11/07/2014

I chose to write my weekly extra based on these portraits by Steve McCurry because I have always been interested in different cultures. I think that his photos truly show how diverse the world is and through these images, you

Looking Into Fall

By on 10/27/2014

As fall comes upon us I’m looking at the leaves and all of the changes that come with it. I personally love how people make their front doors look. Although it would make a nice typology I am going to

Inspiration Post

By on 10/16/2014

For this upcoming photo assignment we have to take a non boring / non cliche photo of one of the following: landscape, flowers, cemetery, sunset/sunrise, or trees . I think that I will focus on landscape because landscapes can be

Self Portraits – Inspiration and Thoughts

By on 10/05/2014

Over the past week I photographed a somewhat new phase to my project of self portraits. The photos are slightly dark, and consist of multiple overlays of myself in different positions and lights. The inspiration for the photos is definitely