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By on 01/16/2015

These photos were taken as a small atempt to be creepy for Halloween. I personally LOVE Halloween and these photos were just trying to give off a creepy vibe. I think the ones where I’m covering my face with both

Weekly Extra

By on 11/07/2014

I decided to write my weekly extra on these national geographic photos because I feel that they capture scenes that the average person will never get to see. I have always loved the pictures in national geographic magazine and although

Weekly Extra – Feminism

By on 10/31/2014

Maybe I like this article and these photos because I am a feminist (who knows), but while browsing bored panda I came across this article with photos showing how princesses in Disney movies would actually look if they were given

Inspiration Post

By on 10/30/2014

Jeremy and Claire Weiss As I have already talked about, I hope to do my final project on portraits of people. These portraits should portray the person I am photographing in same way. The photo should say something about the person. I