Photography Classes @ MERHS

COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY – Presentation and assignment


 What are we doing in this unit?

  • Learning about different types of commercial photography
    • Sports, food, product, fashion, wedding/event and now WILDLIFE too


What do we have to turn in/participate in?

    • Two images from any combination of sports, food, product, fashion, wedding/event, and wildlife
    • Working in a group, give a 5 minute presentation about a field of commercial photography
      • You may use the internet to research your group’s type of commercial photo
      • Answer the following questions in a powerpoint presentation:
      •  what type of equipment is used (lenses, cameras, lights, etc)
      • from start to finish, what is involved in this type of photo shoot
      •  any observations about what photos in this field have in common
      •  the reasons that the photographers make certain choices in this field
      • any “tricks of the trade”  or tips that are used in that field
      • include 10 GREAT examples of that kind of photography


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