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Bottle Still Life Instructions




how to draw cylinder pdf

Three important parts to drawing a still life

Hierarchy – objects that are closer to the viewer are lower on the paper

Overlap – objects that are closer to the viewer overlap objects that are behind them

Proportion – really look at the objects and make sure that they are in proportion to each other. is one object half as tall as another? is another object three times as wide? compart the objects to each other.


Instructions for assignment:

1) practice sketching the different bottle still lifes in the room. make sure you use HOP to do them. draw what is actually in front of you. don’t draw what you think it looks like in your head. turn your body towards the still life and only pivot your head on your neck to look at the still life and your paper, back and forth. try to fill up the whole page, but don’t run off the page. make sure you have at least an inch underneath the bottle closest to you. its ok to mess up. jsut try again. its not ok to give up. persevere!

2) when you are ready, pick one still life set up and draw it lightly on black paper. again, make sure you use HOP.

3) use chalk to color each bottle. shade on the curve. decide which side the light is coming from and keep it consistent in all bottles, going from light to dark. blend colors together in an interesting way. use your fingers or a paper towel to blend the colors. shade the top circle in a circular motion, and make sure it doesn’t blend in to the body of the bottle.



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