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Weekly Extra

By on 05/28/2014

Molly McKeon 5/28/14 Weekly Extra These photos, taken by Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova, inspire me to take more photos that incorporate nature. The pictures that she took capture the relationship between women, animals, and the outdoors. However, they still have

Weekly Extra 4/17

By on 05/01/2014 Work By: Oleg Oprisco These photos are very interesting to me due to the surreal scenes that Oprisco creates. In my own work, I like to use Photoshop to make my pictures look like something that you wouldn’t necessarily

Photo Description

By on 02/14/2012

This photograph is one of my friend Aryanna in a pool and her face right above the water is the main focus. I might try and post it if anyone wants to see exactly what I’m talking about. A lot

Inspiration Post

By on 06/08/2011 On this  blog i found different types of wedding photos that i liked in particular cause of the overall lightness of the photos the aussie online casinos style of photography is also some of my favorite (I”m already expecting


By on 06/08/2011 –  I like the beauty and fashion shots that this photographer does. — so cute.. that’s why I like it, and it’s a unique idea.

Behind the Scenes

By on 05/11/2011

Ms. Epp asked me to post some “behind the scenes” pictures of my most recent photo shoot, soooooo here they are!

Joseph Cartright

By on 05/04/2011

Joseph Cartright is a New York Fashion and Beauty Photographer. He works digitally and has shot covers for Rogue and Mr. Magazine.

Show and Tell

By on 04/26/2011

Two weeks ago we did show and tell and i showed this website that took videos and pictures of weddings and lifestyle. The website was called For you love me. I found it through a blog but it online roulette had the

Show and tell

By on 04/14/2011 Glen E. Friedman Glen E. Friedman (born 1962) is an American photographer and artist. Coming to prominence in the 1980s with his photography of skateboarders and musicians, Friedman is considered one of the most important photographers of his generation.He


By on 03/07/2011

-My strengths in photography are: Portraits -My weaknesses in photography are: Fixing the ISO -I would like to challenge myself in photography by: Fixing the technical difficulties -Theme/Idea you have for the project: Fashion photography -Overall Goals for the project: