Photography Classes @ MERHS

Viewing: Q2 WEEK 5 – DEC 15-19

Weekly Extra

By on 01/26/2015

These landscapes, photographed by an artist in Germany, are meant to depict fairytale-like sceneries. Although many landscapes are beautiful, I tend to lean towards portraits because I find them more interesting. However, this artist’s work is an exception. Each picture

Week Three: Reflection

By on 12/19/2014

This week I took photos of myself for my own project. I decided to focus on something that is important to me: my heritage. To capture my Japanese background, I decided to put on part of my kimono and use

Photographing Common Things – Weekly Extra

By on 12/16/2014

After browsing bored panda I came across an article/photos that depicted a small, hardboiled egg being “tortured” with nails, staples, fishing hooks, and other things. I love the idea of photographing a common object and making it into something thought

Fall 2014 quarter 2 weekly extra dates

By on 11/13/2014

Nov 10-14 Nov 17-21 Dec 1-5 Dec 8-12 Dec 15-19 Jan 5-9 Jan 12-16   You will type your weekly extras as a journal entry on this site, and then choose the appropriate Week category. If you need to insert