Photography Classes @ MERHS

Weekly Extra-Week of March 30th

By on 03/30/2015

my own project - bridge march 11th My own Pictures- Samantha Kane 2 march 2

When I first took the photograph of the bridge and of the flower, I had not intended to layer multiple versions of the same image. For the first two weeks of my own project, I was working on multiplicities. However, I have not really changed my project because I am still working with multiples. After receiving the idea as advice, I struggled with the overlay of the bridge and didn’t know if it looked alright. The overlaying of the flower was significantly easier. After looking back at these photos, I think that I would make sure that the layers are all equal distance apart, instead of it being random. Going forward with this project, I am going to continue working with multiples but will make sure the things that I photograph have some sort of structure.