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Q3: WEEK 6 = MARCH 30 – APRIL 3

By on 04/08/2015

  For this week’s photos I chose to take pictures simply of a white pearl necklace. I did my best to keep in mind the “beautiful” theme of my project that I have built off of this year in portfolio.

Q3: WEEK 5 = March 23-27

By on 04/08/2015

  This week I decided to do a Pinterest board because Pinterest is a great source to find ideas. I found various ideas of what to photograph. I think i may keep the “beautiful” aspect of my project but come

Q3: WEEK 4 = MARCH 16-20

By on 03/20/2015

    For this week’s photographs, I decided to go away from taking pictures of objects I found inside my house to going outside to experiment with objects. While keeping the “beautiful” aspect in mind,  I chose to take my

Q3: WEEK 3 = MARCH 9-13

By on 03/17/2015

This past week I continued with my idea of flipping objects on themselves. Although during this week I will admit that I struggled with what to photograph. Ms. Epp has helped me realized that what makes my idea unique and

Q3: WEEK 2 = MARCH 2-6

By on 03/10/2015

This week I decided to do a Pinterest board because I lately have had an urge to go on and look at possible ideas for what I could photograph next. Here is the link to the board I created .

Q3: Week 1= Feb 23-27

By on 03/02/2015

During the first week of photo portfolio, I decided to experiment with taking pictures of different types of shells.  The photo above is one of the results I got from experimenting. My though process when taking these photos was I

Phebe Weekly Extra 7

By on 06/05/2014

Matthias Haker Matthias Haker is a photographer who takes incredible pictures of staircases. His pictures are very crisp and clear photographs of the stairs he is focused on. His photographs shows different textures, shapes, lines and several other things

Phebe Weekly Extra 6

By on 05/28/2014

Andy Lee Andy Lee is a photographer who takes photographs of Icelandic landscapes. He uses techniques that make his images of Iceland look completely different and unique from others. He uses a filter on his camera that can take

Phebe Weekly Extra 5

By on 05/23/2014

Jamie Mitchell Jamie Mitchell takes photographs of his cat sleeping in a variety of different ways. I can relate to this photographer a lot because I take a lot of pictures of my cats in my free time. He/she

Phebe Weekly Extra 4

By on 05/23/2014

Kevin Dietrich Kevin Dietrich is a photographer that takes pictures of bears doing human like things. He uses various techniques to capture the bears waving like humans do and other actions as well. His photographs have great lighting in