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Inspirational Post Week 6

By on 04/02/2015

“Last Summer, I Found WW2 Photos Of Dijon In France And Retook Them In The Same Places 70 Years Later” The artistic who took this series of photos is named Pierre. He is 19 years old and from France

Inspirational Post: week 5 March 23-27

By on 03/25/2015

“Magical Photos Of Siberian Huskies Playing On A Mirror-Like Frozen Lake In Russia’s Arctic Region” This article is about the work of a Russian photographer named Fox Grom. This article contains photos he has taken of Siberian huskies playing

Inspirational Post March 16-20

By on 03/25/2015

“I Use Coffee To Draw Detailed Paintings Of My Favourite Characters” The author of this article is Maria A. Artisduo and she wrote that she has a huge background in art. She stated that her love for art and coffee

Inspiration Post March 9-13: Smithsonian Photo Competition

By on 03/13/2015

“21+ Finalists From 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition” 21+ Finalists From 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition Every year for the past 12 years, the Smithsonian has collected amazing photos in their annual contest. The editors choose 10 finalists each from

March 2-6-Inspirational Post: Vertical Churches

By on 03/05/2015

“Vertical Churches: I photograph Churches Around The World From The Perfect Perspective” The photographer of this series of photos is Robert Silver, and he decided to start taking these photos because he has traveled to many churches and cathedrals around

Week 1 Feb 23-27: Inspiration Post

By on 02/25/2015

“No Vacancy- A Post-Apocalyptic Look in Abandoned Hotels Photography” The series “No Vacancy” is an on-going series by photographer Samantha VanDeman. In her series she takes photos of hotels around the United States that have been abandoned for 5-50

Spiral Staircases

By on 06/10/2014 This article contains 30 photos of spiral staircases all over the world. This article is really cool because all of the staircases are completely different and are located in different places but are all unique in the same way.

Surreal Photos by Instagrammer Nois7

By on 05/27/2014 Photographer Robert Jahns takes beautiful photos in nature that show adventure and unlike a lot of photos people are fans of, the photos aren’t dark or have a creepy meaning to them. The photos are edited and photoshopped to

50$ Film Camera

By on 05/27/2014 This article contains pictures taken on a 50$ film camera and I really like the photos. The photographer’s name is Oleg Oprisco and is from the Ukraine. One really interesting thing about the photographer is, “t be done digitally.”

Blue Iceland

By on 05/27/2014 This article is a bunch of photos taken in Iceland and the photos were taken by Andy Lee. The photos are meant to resemble romantic-era paintings because of the atmosphere that seems moody and the dramatic lighting. The lens used to