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Pet Photography Pt. 2

By on 03/20/2015

This week I decided to photograph my other cat and rabbit. The shot of Minnie was complete chance. She is always running around the house or right on top of me. So it’s harder to get photographs of her. So


By on 03/20/2015

Recently I decided to take a break from my pet photography. For my birthday I as given a infinity scarf. And one of the things that I’m able to do is place it on top of my head. I look

Pet Photograhy

By on 03/16/2015

With the new camera also came experimenting. I found myself going to my pets as they offered a exciting subject matter. I’ve found with pet photography you have to go to them. You also should get them when their tired


By on 03/16/2015

During February break I got a new camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. So as I was taking my photographs I was experimenting a lot too. I’ve found that it’s not that different, as I know how to use it.


By on 01/16/2015

I was going through a lot of my old photos after I passed in my Halloween ones. It resulted in a lot of playing around with overlays. I did a few with my Halloween ones and they turned out amazing.


By on 01/16/2015

These photos were taken as a small atempt to be creepy for Halloween. I personally LOVE Halloween and these photos were just trying to give off a creepy vibe. I think the ones where I’m covering my face with both


By on 01/06/2015

I ended up doing some photographs of one of my notebooks and a book I was reading at the time. Although it was fun. I’m not proud of these photographs. They were very rushed and not well thought out. If

Pets Pets Pets

By on 10/27/2014

Another project that I am handing in late is some pet photographs. I will be using my one of my dogs and one of my cats. I plan on putting my dog outside and letting her use her toys. She

Looking Into Fall

By on 10/27/2014

As fall comes upon us I’m looking at the leaves and all of the changes that come with it. I personally love how people make their front doors look. Although it would make a nice typology I am going to

Photos and Sickness

By on 10/06/2014

I was sick Tuesday through Thursday which resulted in sleeping quite a lot. It also meant not taking my photographs. But as I lay either in the bathroom or my bedroom I found myself thinking about what would be a