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The Met

By on 10/08/2014

I like Study of a Young Woman by Johannes Vermeer. I chose that as the painting to base my work off of. I’d attach what I made, but it’s three and a half gigabytes. I re-cut The Godfather Part II into


By on 10/02/2014

Photoshop is a waste of time. I’m all for straight photography and discriminate against putting special effects on photos. It’s a waste of time and is degrading to the real work done with the camera. The photos I take are


By on 09/26/2014

Steven Soderbergh (director of  Ocean’s 11, Traffic, Behind The Candelabra) is pretty cool. I really like some of his work and think he has a great and original approach to film. Sadly, he recently retired from directing movies. There’s good news, he is


By on 09/23/2014

Every photo I take is a dream. That’s the theme of all my work. Are they nightmares? Perhaps. You can’t explain dreams. You can explain aspects of my photos, but you’re probably wrong. Either way. there’s always an outlying mystery.

Raging Bull

By on 09/19/2014

“I could have been a contender” is one of the last lines we hear come out of Robert De Niro’s mouth before he exits. He was a contender. He was a champion. He was everything. He had it all and