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MoMA Inspiration

By on 03/22/2013

  This week I had some trouble choosing a photo! Origiannaly I wanted to do this photo of almost plaid paint with a womans face behind it, but I found this photo of a street light kind of last minute


By on 03/11/2013

This was hard for me because I couldn’t think of my opposite! I decided I would just go with something that I’m not… girly. Once I decided what I would photograph this was pretty easy because even though it was

Vacation Photos

By on 03/05/2013

Over February break I went to Costa Rica with a group from the school. We had a tour guide and with the group we traveled about every day to a new town around the country.We only got to see the

Things I hate to photograph

By on 02/14/2013

When I heard the topic for this weeks photos I went through the different kinds of photos I could take (ie: portraits, landscapes, macro, black and white, shallow depth of feild, ect.) and  since there arn’t many photos I absalutely

Old Photos!

By on 02/07/2013

Nothing Photos

By on 02/07/2013

Thanks Mrs. Hunt-Epp for editing some of these!