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Light Pollution – Week of 11/18

By on 01/13/2012

This week I stayed in downtown Manchester. These photos show the sources of light pollution as well as the glow visible in the sky.

Light Pollution – Week of 10/28

By on 01/12/2012

For this week I went back to the digital camera, using a tripod very near the water to try to capture light reflected off of both the clouds and the ocean.

Light Pollution – Week of 10/17

By on 01/12/2012

I recently began using my mother’s old Pentax 35mm film camera. For this week I tried taking some basic night shots on black and white film. They didn’t come out very well because the film was not very good quality,

MOMA-Inspired Photos

By on 10/19/2011

These are my painting-inspired photos. Both were taken on a rainy day in North Beverly.

Continuing With Photography

By on 09/06/2011

When I started Photo 1, I was a freshman and almost entirely new to photography. I remember the first instance when I really decided to take pictures and have the photos to look back on: a simple scene of ocean