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Feb Break

By on 02/29/2012

Square Shoot

By on 02/16/2012

Photo Description

By on 02/14/2012

This photograph is one of my friend Aryanna in a pool and her face right above the water is the main focus. I might try and post it if anyone wants to see exactly what I’m talking about. A lot

Trippe’s Senior Pictures

By on 09/27/2011

For the week of Sept 19th. I know I need to start coming up with my own ideas for photo projects I just haven’t had the time between school, work, a Saturday class, and senior pictures! Hehe Ooooops  

Week of Sept. 12th

By on 09/15/2011

Mike’s Senior Pictures!

Week of September 6th

By on 09/09/2011

I took these pictures on a whim because this week was a busy one, and I didn’t have a model! Next week’s pictures will be more planned and a better representation of my style of photography.

Kool pix

By on 09/06/2011

June 13 Photos

By on 06/16/2011

Self Reflection

By on 06/13/2011

•Check the EXAM catagory when you submit this post •Include a slideshow of your best 8 pieces from this semester •On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard do you think you worked on your photography this semester (1=nothing,


By on 06/08/2011 –  I like the beauty and fashion shots that this photographer does. — so cute.. that’s why I like it, and it’s a unique idea.