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8th grade art foundations curriculum

Welcome to Ms. Epp’s 8th grade foundation curriculum. This year will provide a solid basis in drawing, design, and the fine arts. Painting, sculpture, and digital art will be included as well.




Unit 1 – Showing ideas visually

  •  ASSIGNMENT 1 – Four squares exercise: The purpose of the assignment is to connect a visual image to the expression of a particular concept. Create several solutions for each problem/concept USING ONLY 4 SQUARES AND ONLY BLACK AND WHITE. Choose the best results. (Template) Illustrate four of the following concepts, and push yourself past the easiest visual solution:
    • Order
    • Increase
    • Bold
    • Congested
    • Tension
    • Playful
    • Minimal
    • Intense
    • Examples of possible solutions shown here
  •  ASSIGNMENT 2 – Unity & Variety in the One Theme Four Parts exercise:
    • take a theme that has four parts to it (such as the four seasons, four times of day, four chores, etc) and design logos that represent each one. the logos should have many things in common with each other (UNITY) with differences in details to make them more specific (VARIETY)
    • exercise found on page 152 in this book
    • also do the exercises on pages 118 and 152 of this book
  •  ASSIGNMENT 3 – Gestalt Theory:   


Unit 2 – Perspective


Unit 3 – Drawing, part 1


Unit 4 -  Crash Course in Design Principles

  • Introduction to Design
  • Principles and Elements of Design
  • Simple video about elements of Design
  •  ASSIGNMENT 5 – Positive and Negative Space:
    • collage together a background out of magazines or paper you have painted, and then add cut white paper on top like this
  •  ASSIGNMENT 6 – Printmaking:
    • learn about cropping, rule of thirds, and asymetrical balance. There will also be a photoshop review.
    • make sure you use some principles and elements of design, such as texture, line, and positive/negative space.
    • produce a one color linoleum print – pay special attention to choosing an image that translates well into a simplified print.


Unit 5 – Color In Depth

  • Color Theory Explained
  • ASSIGNMENT 9– Plant painting using color complements 
    • using drawing skills aquired in unit 3, draw part or all of a plant from the third floor, filling the entire sheet.
    • use the primary colors, plus black and white, to paint your plant image. use complements to create changes in value and intensity.


Unit 6 – Form

  • learn about six methods of creating space here
  • ASSIGNMENT 10– Sculpture 
    • tbd 


Unit 7 – Drawing, part 2

  • ASSIGNMENT 11- Surreal Still Life 
    • draw the still life set up in the room. then add architectural details (windows, doors, roofs, etc) to turn it into a landscape.
  • ASSIGNMENT 12– Cubist Self Portrait 




 Sketchbook Assignments for when there is “nothing to do”

  1.  Create “danger signs” for the following situations:       An example is here
  2. Start Today projects






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