Photography Classes @ MERHS

Viewing: Q2 WEEK 6 – JAN 5-9

Scan Myself – Self Portraits – Weekly Extra

By on 01/11/2015

Since most of my photo projects turn into self portraits, it would only make sense that I love to look at other people’s self portraits as well. The self portraits done by a German artist named Ella somewhat remind me

Reflection: Week 4

By on 01/09/2015

To follow my idea for my own project assignment topic of taking portraits of people, I decided to take self portraits again. I decided to continue my triptych theme and put together three photos. I decided to take photos of

Fall 2014 quarter 2 weekly extra dates

By on 11/13/2014

Nov 10-14 Nov 17-21 Dec 1-5 Dec 8-12 Dec 15-19 Jan 5-9 Jan 12-16   You will type your weekly extras as a journal entry on this site, and then choose the appropriate Week category. If you need to insert